Sunday, July 24, 2016

I don't think being three years old for a whole month counts as "big" (or) My stomach's not THAT big

Ziggy: I need a baby sister Mama, can you get me a baby sister? 
Mama: What would you do with a baby sister? 
Ziggy: I would play with it. Big kids have baby sisters to play with and I'm a big kid now so I need a baby sister to play with now. Can you get one for me? Can you get one for me tomorrow?
Mama: That part of my body is broken and I can't make any more baby sisters.
Ziggy: But we don't have a baby store in our neighborhood. 
Mama: You can't buy a baby at a store, only mama's bodies can make them.
Ziggy: But there is a family store.
Mama: Do you mean Family Dollar?
Ziggy: Yeah!
Mama: Family Dollar doesn't have babies. Only mama's bodies can make babies and that part of my body is broken.
Ziggy: But your tummy is big and you're gonna have a baby soon and that's why your tummy is big. 

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James and Elizabeth said...

She's a thinker. My 4 year old keeps asking me to have another baby and she already has a younger sibling. The belly comment comes up a lot around this home.